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Every summer, one of my favorite memories as a kid was getting into water balloon wars with my friends. We would fill up a bucket of balloons, sneak up on the enemy and unleash a rainbow assault of H2O. It was amazing.  Now as a dad, I’m watching this tradition pass down a generation and I could not be prouder EXCEPT I hate tying balloons. Last summer, I must have tied a couple thousand balloons, a few of them even bursting on me. I repeat, I hate tying balloons. A few weeks back a few kids had a stockpile of balloons, launch them at us and then they’d disappear for 60 seconds only to return with another hundred balloons. I was blown away and wondered what parent was helping them tie all these balloons. Intrigued I walked over and got introduced to the greatest invention ever!

In 2014 Joe Malone, a father of 8 launched TINNUS (there is nothing new under the sun) and unveiled its first product Bunch O Balloons. Being a dad of eight, he was tired of tying balloons and began dreaming of how his kids could fill up the balloons ALL by themselves. He tried a number of different concepts before landing on this one. In one year he raised 121k on Kickstarter, probably all dads like me who were sick and tired of tying balloons. Friends, this man is a saint! Long live Joe Malone! He has literally saved me hours of tying knots this summer so I can actually spend more time launching water balloons at my kids and their friends. #SummerofFun

* a couple of epic water balloon games. Capture the flag with water balloons. You still use a flag, instead of tagging people with your hands you have to hit them with a water balloon. Also dodge ball (aka dodge balloon) is an absolute blast!