Congrats to Adam Witsiepe! You’re the winner of the week 1 This Invitational Life giveaway. You won two tickets to watch the Chicago Cubs play at Wrigley Field.

Why Cubs tickets? Because they invoke relationship. Because – you get to bring someone along with you. As Sarah and I started dreaming about ways to spread the word about TIL book, we wondered what it would look like to find ways to help others begin to live more invitationally. What if we could create a few giveaway opportunities that affirm inclusivity?

Recently a new friend and I drove down to Wrigley, and as we sat in Chicago rush hour traffic he shared some of his story with me. He opened up about his questions about faith, his worries and past failures. The conversation was so natural and easy, we both shared and talked and laughed – it was probably the only time I’ve been thankful to sit in traffic.

I want to create more opportunities for others to have moments like we did. To share an experience together, to invite one another into our stories and memories, hopes and fears. These giveaways are a simple fun way to do just that. Be sure to snap a pic of your receipt and send it to me at so I can make sure you’re entered for our giveaway next Friday.

Thanks for all your support, for the many post shares and comments and all the ways you’ve been encouraging me along this writing journey. I couldn’t have done it without you!!